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5 Best Tours in Buenos Aires for Sightseeing, Eating & Shopping

Updated: 7 days ago

Buenos Aires is an amazing city with so much to see and do.

The best way to dive into its rich culture, flavors and unique shopping is through these authentic porteño Tours.

Best City Tour Companies

City tours are a fantastic way to explore Buenos Aires, covering iconic landmarks and districts, all while learning about its culture and history.

Looking for a custom experience made just for you? Then book a private city tour with De Passeios.

Some Must-visit spots

San Telmo: 

With its cobblestone streets and old-fashioned architecture, you can explore unique shops and the Sunday Market at Plaza Dorrego for antiques, vintage items and clothing. The food market offers some of the best empanadas, asado (charcoal-grilled meat), pasta, pizza and other traditional foods. Plus, San Telmo is famous for its tango shows.

La Boca: 

Known for its colorful buildings, the architecture here is truly unique, with houses made from corrugated metal and painted in lively colors. Wander down Caminito Street to catch impromptu tango performances and buy art pieces from local artists. Don’t miss the antiques shops and the great local food & drinks!


It's the trendiest district, filled with hip cafes, designer clothing boutiques, stylish markets and really cool street art. Palermo offers a variety of delicious traditional dishes and more innovative ones. At night, you can enjoy Palermo’s bars, clubs and live music.

Puerto Madero: This modern waterfront district features skyscrapers alongside old industrial buildings and a charming waterfront with stunning Puente de la Mujer bridge. End your day at stylish cafes and upscale restaurants and bars. Puerto Madero can be a bit pricey, but it's definitely worth a visit!

Our Top recommendations for City Tours

Best Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Tour

This bus tour lets you hop on and off as much as you like within 24 hours, all while enjoying the city from a roofless bus.

  • Buses run on a continuous loop with multiple stops across the city.

  • Service runs every 30 minutes.

  • Multilingual audio guide.

  • Key stops include San Telmo, La Boca, Palermo, Puerto Madero and more.

Book at your Hop On Hop Off at Grayline Tours

Best Tailored Shopping Tour

Came here to do some shopping? 

Whether you're after leather goods, Argentine designer clothing, textiles, art or something specific, the team at Shop Hop BA will create a shopping trip to help you find what’s on your shopping list.

With an exceptional catalog of shops, you'll visit boutiques, artisan workshops and appointment-only showrooms.

Customized for individuals or small groups, you can choose between half-day or full-day tours - or opt for their personal shopping service.

With top reviews on TripAdvisor, Shop Hop BA will guide you to exactly what you're looking for.

Best Gastronomic Food Tours

Buenos Aires is a foodie paradise, and if you're after the perfect grilled steak or mouthwatering empanadas, Sherpa Food Tours is there to help.

Their laid-back tour in San Telmo, the oldest district in town, takes you to five amazing food spots in just a few hours, starting at a historic café from the 1850s.

The tour's idea is simple: let travelers enjoy Buenos Aires in the best way possible. Think amazing food and drinks, beautiful locations and great company.

With passionate guides who know all the best spots, it's all about good vibes and great tastes!

If you're looking for more than just eating, check out the Pachamama Cooking Experience.

A local chef will teach you how to make traditional Argentine dishes like empanadas, humita and flamed dulce de leche pancakes. With some great wine, you’ll sit down with your group and enjoy your creations.

Our Vintage Shop - Eureka Vintage

If you are looking for unique second-hand brand name clothing for women and men, Eureka Vintage is a must-visit.

Featuring designer items and luxury clothing from international and Argentine brands, every piece here is carefully selected, always clean and in excellent condition.

Located in an area surrounded by most of the hotels in the city, it is also close to typical tourist sites like Florida Street, Recoleta and Puerto Madero.

In addition, you have the convenience of paying directly in US dollars cash.

Don't miss the chance to discover amazing fashion gems and acquiring unique pieces!

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Eureka Vintage is a Luxury Second Hand store with a great selection of quality used vintage clothing.

Suipacha 901, 300m from Florida Street

Buenos Aires, Argentina


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