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What to look for in the best Second Hand shops in Buenos Aires

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Buenos Aires is a city that is well known for its unique charm and remarkable architectural style. On its numerous streets we may find several shops that fashionistas adore: the Ferias Americanas - or second-hand clothing stores.

These shops are a haven for those who are trying to spend on a budget, as well as for fashion enthusiasts looking for vintage clothing with its own story.

The thriving culture of the Vintage stores in Buenos Aires reflects the eclectic taste in fashion of its residents. In districts like Palermo, Recoleta or San Telmo, these stores are widely spread throughout the whole city.

Whether you're a fan of 70s fashion, 80s punk style or 90s casual style, these are the pieces that you should be looking for:

Vestidos Vintage en Buenos Aires

1. Vintage dresses: lots of styles, different prints, flowery patterns and very colourful, they convey a sense of femininity from previous times that we would most certainly like to bring to the present day.

Blazers Vintage Buenos Aires

2. Coats: timeless and classic winter coats like vintage jackets or blazers, you can experiment with unique patterns from the 60s and 70s. Each garment has its own character!

Accesorios Vintage Buenos Aires

3. Accessories: complete your vintage look with accessories that speak volumes. Whether elegant silk scarves or statement bijou, you will find the perfect piece to elevate your style.

4. Leather items: Argentina is known for its excellent leather goods and thrift stores are no exception to the rule. Discover pre-owned leather jackets, shoes, and handbags that exude style and durability.

Ropa deportiva 80s

5. Retro sportswear: relive the futuristic vibes of 80s sportswear with fluorescent colored tracksuits, t-shirts and sneakers!

Camisas Vintage Segunda Mano

6. Shirts: both classic or with original patterns, for men, women or unisex, they can have a lot of personality or help you achieve a very relaxed look.

Aside from vintage finds, second-hand clothing stores promote the trend for sustainable fashion. By giving pre-loved clothes a new life, you'll be helping to reduce waste and minimize the ill effects of fashion on the planet.

Much of the clothes you can find in thrift stores are almost new or in great condition and some stores also sell used clothing from well known international brands.

Visiting second-hand clothing stores in Buenos Aires is also about exploring the different areas of the city and enjoying its culture, while discovering amazing fashion jewels.

So put on your walking shoes and start a new adventure! You never know what exquisite vintage pieces you'll be lucky to find!


Eureka Vintage is a second hand shop with a wide selection of quality pre-owned vintage and modern clothing.

Suipacha 901 cor. Paraguay - 300m from Florida St.

Buenos Aires, Argentina



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