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Discover Eureka Vintage: The best second hand clothing shop in Buenos Aires

Are you a tourist planning a trip to Buenos Aires soon?

Are you also a fashion enthusiast in the lookout for vintage, designer and quality clothing?

Then Eureka Vintage is for you!

In this post, we will elaborate on you why Eureka Vintage is the most convenient spot to buy second hand clothes in Buenos Aires - including the types of pieces, accessories and brands you can find for much less than they cost new.

Roupas de frio em Buenos Aires

1. Jackets and blazers: Plain or Tweed, warmer or lighter - only stylish, vintage and quality.

Melhores Brechós de Buenos Aires

2. Coats: Amazing overcoats, raincoats and trench coats!

Melhor Brechó de Buenos Aires

3. Shirts and Blouses: Dressy casual, classic or vintage shirts - always full of style and personality.

Vestidos Vintage en Buenos Aires

4. Dresses: Chic, vintage or perfect for a great night out.

Bolsas de marca em Buenos Aires

5. Handbags: Designed by well known Argentine and International brands.

Acessórios de marca em Buenos Aires

6. Accessories: Sunglasses, watches, scarves and hats - adding that special touch you just need to complete your look!

Eureka Vintage stands out from other shops by the presence of luxury and design items, made by both International and Argentine brands, for men and women. You may find a Fendi or Luis Vuitton bag, a Bulova watch, a Salvatore Ferragamo scarf and many other incredible items.

Every piece is carefully selected, always clean and in excellent condition.

It is a must stop for tourists looking for the best second-hand shops in Buenos Aires. Conveniently located in an area surrounded by most of the hotels in the city, it is also close to some typical tourist sites like Florida Street, Recoleta and Puerto Madero.

In addition, you have the convenience of paying directly in US dollars cash.

Don't miss the chance to discover amazing fashion gems and acquiring unique pieces!

In between your strolls and meals in the city, you may find the most special fashion items.

Happy shopping fashionistas!


Eureka Vintage is a Luxury Second Hand store with a great selection of quality used vintage clothing.

Visit us!

Suipacha 901, 300m from Florida Street

Buenos Aires, Argentina



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